Japanese Patent Attorney   Kazuhiko Miyasaka


Education: Electrical Engineering, Tokyo University of Science

Languages:  Japanese, English

Work experience:

Work for Seiko Epson Corporation

 Development Department as Electrical and Software Engineer 

 IP Department as Patent Engineer and in-house patent attorney

 Former Intellectual Property Research Institute Researcher (seconded for 2 years)

 IP Department management

Worked at Mebuki IP Law Firm




Japanese Patent Attorney (Registered in 2003)

Microcomputer Application Engineer


My favorite:  Hiking, cycling, Shiba-dog, BCL


Practice (handled to date): Electrical, mechanical, control, physics, motor, processing/assembly/production technology, Equipment and systems consisting of H/W and S/W, software, software-related, semiconductors, medical-related



IP management staff

Languages: Japanese, English

Person in charge: Procedure management of domestic and overseas Patent/Design/Trademark applecations and reegistrations, IP secretary

Special Skill: Refreshing greetings, can sleep anywhere



General office staff

Languages: Japanese

Person in charge: Accounting and General Affairs

Special Skill: Illustrator who has secretly become famous

Advisory Japanese Patent Attorney Hideharu Watanabe


An IP legend who has experienced almost all aspects of intellectual property. He is also an advisor to a partner ship firm (Mebuki IP Law Firm).



Well Skilled Supporters


Many professionals who support our office at spots are registered as supporters.

-Patent search professional -Drawing creation professional -Patent Engineering professional

-Patent Agent in US who is familiar with US patent practice -Chinese person who is familiar with Chinese patent practice

-Japanese-English Translation professional -Licensing/controversy handling personnel  -Trademark logo designer (belonging to the Design Promotion Association in Nagano), etc.